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Different forms of contributions are expected so as to give a complete view on the area of research:

  • Plenary session on debated issues;
  • Thematic symposiums presenting cross views of teams from different scientific backgrounds;
  • Worshops discussing recent and original results;
  • Posters presenting issues under current research, being achieved.

The organizing committee’s will is to enhance the quality of scientific exchanges. In this view, it is advisable to submit online full papers of 6-10 pages for the workshops as well as for the symposiums at the following address: www.congresintaref.org. Proposals of symposiums will consist of as many texts as contributions that are foreseen, as well as an additional text that presents the whole symposium. A style sheet along with the requirements will be available for downloading starting from December 4, 2006.


The Program committee will evaluate the proposals on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Correctly identifying the data corpus;
  • Making explicit the issue of the corpus;
  • Clarifying the research methodology;
  • Presenting the results.

In order to facilitate the evaluation of the contributions and to avoid misinterpretation, the authors should indicate:

  • The education or training area treated;
  • The five key words characterizing the subject chosen among the issues proposed.

The evaluation will be done by two evaluators one of whom will necessarily belong to the field of research. The contributions should be as rigorous and precise as to meet the scientific requirements and at the same time to be intelligible for non-specialists.

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