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On the anniversary of 40 years of educational sciences in France, AECSE (association of teachers and researchers in educational sciences) joins ABC-Educ (Belgian Association of educational research) and SSRE (Swiss Educational Research Society) to organize the AREF International Congress of current research in education and training.

The current edition will be held between August 28 and August 31 2007 in Strasbourg and will be hosted by the Interuniversity Laboratory of Communication and Educational Sciences (LISEC – EA 2310, Haute Alsace University, Louis Pasteur University and Nancy 2 University).

This event, supported by three associations of teachers and researchers in education is the continuation of the previous congresses organized on the initiative of AECSE and marks an international broadening. Its objective is to bring a round-up of the most recent works on education and training and to bring out (to give full value) the research production and training while contributing to its structuring. A number of teachers, researchers and trainers are invited to take part in the congress.

The choice of the location, in Strasbourg is justified by the wish of the organizers to imprint an international dimension to this scientific event. This will allow us to open up to the German cultural and scientific areas officially invited to this edition.

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